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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

AutoRotate - 1.0.4-1

3.89/5 (209 votes).

Allows 2 styles of autorotation of home screen for iOS 10 devices and unsupported ones on iOS 11 and 12, now including A12 devices. Options for LS, CC rotation, app rotation.  New build for iOS 10-12, added icon dragging rotation as well for neat effect(on iOS 11-12). Removed the “rotate apps” option as it crashes on X, and wanted stable package for all devices. Will look into improving and adding back the rotate apps once it works on all devices, and will hopefully get the stacked style looking better in near future.


V1.0.4-1 Removed rotate apps option as it crashed on X. Made tweak basically same as existing BigBoss but with the settings improvements(no resprings needed) and new option for rotation allowed while rearranging icons. Tweak works now all devices iOS 10-12.1.2 including A12. Works best on iOS 10, and for “plus style rotation” on 11 and 12.


Major overhaul of settings. Now all settings update instantly with no need for resprings. Also allowed rotate apps option along with regular iPhone plus styled rotation.

Rotates all apps as an option, both in switcher and inside of app, if the app allows it on other devices. Rotates Cirdock beautifully in Landscape using stacked rotation option, putting it on the bottom instead of verticle. Still a work in progress tho. 


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