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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

AutoRotate - 1.0.3-1

3.82/5 (137 votes).

Allows iOS 11 style autorotation of home screen for iOS 10 devices and unsupported ones on iOS 11 and 12, Options for LS, CC rotation, app rotation. BETA build for iOS 11-12, added icon dragging rotation as well for neat effect(on iOS 11-12)  Use BigBoss version if you have any issues. This is a work in progress Beta, Rotate Apps Not compatible with iPhone X, other features are.).  Feel free to submit bug reports to email or twitter.


Major overhaul of settings. Now all settings update instantly with no need for resprings. Also allowed rotate apps option along with regular iPhone plus styled rotation.

Rotates all apps as an option, both in switcher and inside of app, if the app allows it on other devices. Rotates Cirdock beautifully in Landscape using stacked rotation option, putting it on the bottom instead of verticle. Still a work in progress tho. Going to add an AppList for the option that rotates and splits apps since it crashes a few.

Need some iPhone X users to report back. 

Project files are open source: (changes for this version will be updated soon on site)


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