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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

ColorMyThreeD - 0.0.1-30

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4.11/5 (36 votes).

Customization and coloring options for 3D Touch views. Add custom images from your camera roll as the background behind 3D Touch views, add a colored blur instead of background image, or custom blur the BG image.. Custom color the menu, border(s), and text, customize text and image placement, reverse the order of the 3D touch menu, and many other options coming soon.

Compatible with Peek-A-Boo for devices without 3D touch. NOT compatible with A12 devices lacking 3D touch natively (iPhone Xr) unless Peek-A-Boo is updated.

Works on all devices including A12 that have 3D Touch, iOS 11.0-12.4  Also works with Peek-A-Boo for supported iOS versions of that tweak.

This tweak is a stable “beta”, but the price reflects that it is not done. Will charge more once all options I plan on adding are done. By purchasing it while at the reduced price, all updates will be free, so you will get the more expensive tweak for a discounted price by buying while still in beta.


0.0.1-30 Added option to hide the separators in the 3D touch menu. Also added a new slider, separating control of how much blur is applied behind it, and how much color is in the blur. The color can now also be used in blurring the background images. Looks neat combining the color blur with a photo, like adding custom FX. Custom image inside the menu coming soon.

0.0.1-29 Added a custom image background, that can be added from camera roll. Also can adjust blur on it from no blur to totally blurred. Added libimagepicker to depends.


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