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EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2


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  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2
  • EnableMeAhora - 1.0.2


An awesome tweak to customize the appearance of your switches and sliders in Settings and other apps. Includes color pickers to separate nearly all properties of UI switches, including classic on/off images, and a slider for custom thickness of the outline.  Change the background color of sliders to any color, the tint color of the slider track, as well as a the slider knobs,  and custom set a custom corner radius for sliders and switches..Settings update instanty, no resprings needed.  Whole tweak can be enabled or disabled with one switch. (Or Reset Prefs button)

Supports ALL devices including A12 from iOS 11.0-14.x (Some thumb Image's need updated on iOS 14 still)

Current apps the tweak takes effect in: Settings, Music, Spotify, Adblock. Snowboard app, MobileTimer (alarm, clock, sleep time etc), Flex3, YouTube(limited support), Unc0ver in-app settings/switches, and a couple more.

Waiting on adding an AppList before making it fullly system wide.  Also going to add custom images for the thumbs/ knobs, and backgrounds once other tweaks iOS 14 broke are fixed.


V1.0.2 Added support for iOS 13. (Nearly everything was broke, but now fixed).  Some options function a little differently now but you can still get most of the same appearances if you play with the settings a little. Remember, almost everything updates instantly so you don’t have to constantly respring, just hit the back button and return, or scroll up and down and the changes take place.  Also changed slider knobs to squares. Will add custom images for knobs once other tweaks iOS 13 broke are fixed / re-written. Removed CepheiPrefs (Cephei is still used for handling defaults, the safest framework to do so if modifying apps.)  System wide coming soon.

V1.0.1-3 Added more apps the tweak takes effect in. Currently, the tweak affects Music, Spotify, Adblock. Snowboard app, MobileTimer (alarm, clock, sleep time etc), Flex3, YouTube(limited support), and Unc0ver in-app settings/switches. Changed Settings handling from user defaults to Cephei to safely inject into sandboxed apps/ processes. Getting ready to add custom images, and full system wide functionality.

V0.3.1-2 Forgot to add CepheiPrefs to Control file, so it will automatically DL it for users that don’t have it already. Small fix probably affecting even smaller number of users, but wanted to make sure it works for everyone.

V0.3.1-1 Added CepheiPrefs as a dependency, re-writing settings. Added “Reset Prefs” tab bar button. Made presets for each option so it will look nice upon enabling each feature. Added option to hide slider values for cleaner look. (They can still be entered manually by double tapping the side when hidden). Started to charge 50 cents for the amount of time invested in this tweak. If you already have it and don’t feel like purchasing, there’s no obligation. You can keep the previous version. This version is more “release ready” though, and future updates will include language localizations, probably custom images, and eventually system wide. Will probably release this in Packix soon for a slightly higher price, but want to give YouRepo customers a chance to get it for cheaper first.

V0.2.1-7 Changed slider max color (which didn’t do anything) to slider tint color, which is now working to color the left side of the slider to a custom color. Still A12 compatible as well as all other devices iOS 11.0-12.1.2

V0.2.1-6 Updated for A12. Added banner. Some other changes, under the hood improvements.

V0.1.1-6 Added corner radius for switch backgrounds as well as sliders, under the hood cleanup, added Twitter share heart to settings, a lot of re-writing / optimizing.


Added slider customization options. Custom colored slider background color and knob color pickers. Every option updates immediately no resprings needed for a single one. As soon as you hit back button in settings and return (or go anywhere) else in settings you’ll notice they updated.  Can turn whole tweak off with one button, again, no respring needed. ☺️

Last Update:

Added slider and on/off switch for custom thickness/width of the well; at zero and with a background color enabled it makes a neat square switch, with a high width is nice and thick, turned off the fill colors change to custom set on/off. Bug squishes....

Added option to use custom well color (outline of switch). Now if off, it changes color to the color picked for on or off, depending on state of switch. Added Flex3 as an app this tweak is enabled in.  Still working on system wide and adding some more options.  Also fixed a small bug that the off label/image color wasn’t updating to selected color before- had a spelling error in plist lol. 




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iOS 11, iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14



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