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ExtraLSText - 0.0.2

4.13/5 (108 votes).

A tweak to add custom text and/or emojis below the slide/ swipe/ press to unlock text. Works on iOS 9-12.4.5, all devices including A12.  On iOS 13 the extra text doesn’t work (yet) but the feature to  hide the original unlock text works if you are just looking for a lightweight tweak to hide that text.  This tweak complements Lockscreen Suite in my Repo, where you can set a custom unlock text.  I’ll probably eventually add that option to this this tweak. Mainly wanted to just share this for my nephew (BEN- the coolest jailbreaker under 8 years old out there) who is on 12.4.1, and anyone else interested. 


V0.0.2 Fixed (hopefully lol) pirate warning showing when not pirated.


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