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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

FolderControllerXI - 1.0.5-9

4.11/5 (70 votes).

An awesome folder tweak for adjusting the color and white  opacity of folders, inside and out, corner radius, tap anywhere to close, pinch to close, alter background effect, make custom layouts for number of rows and columns in each folder. Adjust insets inside folders; hide title of open folders. Custom color open and closed folders, make border colors for them with custom thickness.. Also nested folders(iOS 7-9 so far, 10 + 11 partially working), and more coming soon.

Current version compatible iOS 10.3-11.x all devices, some options only work on 11 or higher tho.


1.0.5-9 Fixed open folder color so it doesn’t blend with the default/ stock tint color that was in the background. Now it appears exactly same as the color you picked. Open folder opacity has no effect on color, just clearness, as it should. 

1.0.5-8 Added “full page” folders, almost take up entire screen based on device size so should work all devices on iOS 11. Compatible with CustomFolderIcons, if you want to add pictures. Left small gap so title can be seen in Landscape and changed if desired, also changed font size of title for full page ones.  Most options turn on and off without respring, pretty much just the folder icons need resprings to change. Am working on fitting the full page title in both landscape and portrait, removing the default blur in open folders so colors don’t change slightly due to opacity. Will have those fixes soon. iOS 11 only build. 

V1.0.5-2 Added depends for libCSColorPicker in case people don’t  have it. I added it manually to the repo but wanted to make sure it was on there, on the actual deb. Library for picking colors created by CreatureSurvive. Build is still only for iOS 10.3 and higher. Version 1.0.4-9 is last working version for iOS 7 and up.


Added folder color options with pickers for open and closed folders, border colors both open and closed, custom border thickness open and closed, and some under the hood improvements.  Fixed Snowboard making corner radius of icons not work, that feature is working now with Snowboard... Going to add custom sizes soon, as well as gradient options. Maybe one day I’ll finish this lol. 

This build for iOS 10.3 and higher.


Squished a bug that made folders with multiple pages lose FX and change scrolling style when in landscape.

Prefs made instant for most settings with help from IndieDevKB. Less need for resprings. Settings itself cleaned up and added extra credits on bottom.

Made build working for iOS 8.0-11.0. Some features only work on iOS 11, others work on anything higher then 8.0, will continue to add legacy support while still adding new features, and improving existing ones.

 Please consider a donation for tweaks like this that take so much time to make.


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