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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

OfflineFolderControllerXI - 1.0.6-4

4.03/5 (93 votes).

An awesome folder tweak for full and half page folders on any device on iOS 11. Beautiful gradients or use solid colors. Add border colors for them with custom thickness. Also can alter the color and white opacity of uncolored folders, inside and out, corner radius, tap anywhere to close, pinch to close, alter background effect(remove blur and dark background options), make custom layouts for number of rows and columns in each folder. Adjust insets inside folders; hide title of open folders. Also multi-select option for quick rearranging of icons, and more.

Current version compatible iOS 10.3.3-11.4b3 all devices, some options only work on 11 or higher tho. Compatible with Bolders tweak as well as Custom Folder Icons, Exsto, and many other folder tweaks. Custom layout option not compatible with Boxy3, but it won’t crash or anything bad, just doesn’t work. Tweaks that disable animation from icon to open folder may break some features, like Opacity slider.

Note: this is soon going to be a paid tweak, but I’ll be giving free copies of final version to many beta testers and people that support me on Twitter. If you like the tweak and want the final, best version for free, tag me on Twitter with a screenshot of how you use it, and mention device and iOS version. This should work for all devices, but I don’t have an X or iPad to test, or 11.1.2 anymore.  Also bug reports are not a burden but very welcome.

Known issues: Title needs adjusting to fit full page in portrait, and half page folders in landscape. (I usually hide it anyway unless I’m editing name.) Will have those fixes in final version tho. Also rotation with full page folder open cuts the gradient in half. Once a folder is (re-)opened after rotating though the image / gradient is correct. Going to fix these bugs b4 release, and any others you  notice. 

Language support: If you’d like this translated into your native language and are willing to help it’d be appreciated, and a free copy will be given to you. I’m going to add Spanish myself, unless quieres hacerlo para mi, pero other languages like Arabic, Russian, French, German, Italian and others would be happy to add your translations. 


1.0.6-4 Added extra color picker for open folder gradient color 3- now you can have separate border color that won’t appear in the gradient. Fixed normal size folder gradients not appearing (oops lol didn’t notice because I never use normal anymore :D). Took out smaller font size for landscape full folders, looks better with max size that fits the frame.  Started working on language localizations but not in this build yet.

1.0.6-1 Added theme support for folder icons, and custom folder image tweaks. Also added various gradient styles so if chosen every time folder is opened a different blend of the same picked colors will appear. Works great, may add more styles or offer user control for it, but for now you get a nice fresh look with the 3 colors you pick each time. (Made 7 different ones, so sometimes will be same, it’s random which is picked when folder is opened.)

1.0.5-22 Fixed the gradients on open folders so the darkening view behind them no longer showed up, so now colors are brighter. Haven’t gotten icon gradients working yet but they can be colored still, and I added a new feature- multi-select folder capability. Rearrange multiple folder icons at once along with regular ones. In editing / jitter mode drag one down, then while holding tap the icons you want to multi-select and then move all at once.

1.0.5-12 Added new folder size, gradients for open folders and closed (icon gradients need fixed for closed but turn on for colored icons). Didn’t get a chance to fix that but wanted to put up latest version with new sizes. Will update soon with any features not working right fixed but overall this version is nice if you use the gradients, or full width square folders.

1.0.5-9 Fixed open folder color so it doesn’t blend with the default/ stock tint color that was in the background. Now it appears exactly same as the color you picked. Open folder opacity has no effect on color, just clearness, as it should. 

1.0.5-8 Added “full page” folders, almost take up entire screen based on device size so should work all devices on iOS 11. Compatible with CustomFolderIcons, if you want to add pictures. Left small gap so title can be seen in Landscape and changed if desired, also changed font size of title for full page ones.  Most options turn on and off without respring, pretty much just the folder icons need resprings to change. Am working on fitting the full page title in both landscape and portrait, removing the default blur in open folders so colors don’t change slightly due to opacity. Will have those fixes soon. iOS 11 only build. 

V1.0.5-2 Added depends for libCSColorPicker in case people don’t  have it. I added it manually to the repo but wanted to make sure it was on there, on the actual deb. Library for picking colors created by CreatureSurvive. Build is still only for iOS 10.3 and higher. Version 1.0.4-9 is last working version for iOS 7 and up.


Added folder color options with pickers for open and closed folders, border colors both open and closed, custom border thickness open and closed, and some under the hood improvements.  Fixed Snowboard making corner radius of icons not work, that feature is working now with Snowboard... Going to add custom sizes soon, as well as gradient options. Maybe one day I’ll finish this lol. 

This build for iOS 10.3 and higher.


Squished a bug that made folders with multiple pages lose FX and change scrolling style when in landscape.

Prefs made instant for most settings with help from IndieDevKB. Less need for resprings. Settings itself cleaned up and added extra credits on bottom.

Made build working for iOS 8.0-11.0. Some features only work on iOS 11, others work on anything higher then 8.0, will continue to add legacy support while still adding new features, and improving existing ones.

 Please consider a donation for tweaks like this that take so much time to make.


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