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FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35


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  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35
  • FolderController14 - 1.0.0beta-35



(More images and videos on my timeline @BrianVS on Twitter, as well as status updates)

This is a Work In Progress BETA update of FolderController for iOS 14. All features that were causing crashes and respring loops on iOS 14 have been fixed. Some new awesome options have been added as well. That being said, some options, especially HomeScreen custom layouts, should be considered experimental. The Folder options, like custom layouts, custom sizes, custom background images, custom title fonts, sizes and placement, etc. are all working beautifully, and the custom dock works great for 4 or 5 icons. I need to work on spacing for more then 5, still.

This release is for people familiar with the tweak or who are interested in trying out some of the features that are working great. All features can be turned on or off, so you can use as much or little of it as you want. Previous users of FolderControllerXII and FolderControllerXIII may remember I had about 100 beta builds before releasing the tweak in Packix, and I promise to continue working to improve this version as I did with previous beta releases of FolderController. If you aren't happy now, hopefully by the time it's "finished" you will have a different opinion.

If you are not an experienced jailbreaker, or comfortable with beta software, please wait for a release in a default repo. This release is more of a sneak preview, and once purchased, all future updates for iOS 14 will be FREE. I'm charging $1 US, as I did with the update for iOS 13, as it's taken a ton of work to update it, and it's still got a ways to go. The cost is half the price of what the finished tweak will sell for ($2.00).

That being said, 2020 and 2021 have been tough years for all of us, especially for me, so I understand if you can't afford to pay for the update. If you bought the tweak for iOS 12 or iOS 13 and can't afford the $1, please DM me on Twitter (@BrianVS) with proof of a previous purchase and I will gift it to you. I'm just asking for support so I can continue working on making the tweak as good as possible. The majority of my tweaks are free, and this is my main paid tweak that I will continue to invest time improving.

*Language localizations have not been updated yet (except for Spanish), but will be in the works. If interested in helping you can contact me and let me know the language you'd like to help with.

** This tweak has not been tested with other custom layout tweaks, and is probably not compatible, although you are welcome to try. You can use other features besides the custom layouts and still use a separate layout tweak though.

*** This uses an internal build of IconState by Nepeta, so upon initial install icons my be rearranged. This will only happen once. Afterwards, it will save all changes even after rejailbreaking, rebooting, or entering safe mode.

**** This has been tested extensibly with Snowboard, and has been compatible with all extensions I've tried of it.

**** PrimalFolders2 is compatible if you like having the first icon in the folder display as your folder icon. (Available in Itchitaso's repo)

***** Please use the in-tweak Tech Support for any questions or issues you may have. That way I can see your tweak list, and the features enabled when you had an issue.

Working features include:

*Custom layouts in folders, and resizing the icon grid to make them fit inside the folder icons. (Working on improvements to minigrid still, some progress should come in an update soon.)

*4 Preset folder sizes("full page", full width, normal, entire screen), and ability to make custom folder sizes of your own.

*Custom open folder sizes are also an option, where you can simply use sliders to add to the width and height of normal folder sizes. 

*Gradient backgrounds in open folders, colored backgrounds in folder icons with borders.

*Custom background images inside open folders that fill any sized folder.

*Custom opacity of open and closed folders.

*Full screen custom image behind open folders- looks great with iOS 9 style folders and hidden blur.

*Custom folder icon images of any image in your camera roll.

*Customizable title font, shadow, font size, position in landscape and in portrait orientations, backgrounds for titles, etc.

*All open folder settings from FolderControllerXIII

*All closed/closing folder settings from FolderControllerXIII

*Option to disable App Library 

*Custom image for App Library, Today View, and Spotlight (All share the same custom image, separate from folders though)

*Custom HomeScreen layouts are EXPERIMENTAL but insets and ability to change columns and rows is there. I have a lot of work dealing with widget spacing, and side affects with the App Library with some modifications to homescreen though. I'm optimistic the App Library issues with custom homescreens will be fixed soon.  The tweak works best(App Library not affected) at the moment only changing the number of rows on homescreen, and/or the insets. Custom columns has been improved recently, but it still changes the App Library appearance(making it look buggy with some layouts).

*Folder icon corner radius is working, open folder corner radius, as well as custom opening animations, and ability to skip the opening animation.

*Custom lift scale animation making the icon you lift up bigger is working, and looks really neat with widgets.

*Icon scaling is mostly working. You can have the same scale everywhere, or separate for dock, folders, and homescreen in both portrait and landscape orientations. Makes AutoRotate tweak exponentially better.

*Include folders, and even widgets in the multi-icon select- working perfectly.  You can turn on or off the option for both folders and widgets independently.

*TECH SUPPORT WORKS- please use it if you need help.  Please give me up to 24-48 hours to respond, as I'm working a lot at my day job at the moment as well as working on making this tweak better.  I usually respond in a pretty timely manner, and am willing to help all legitimate users. (not downloaded from a pirate repo)

THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO HAS SUPPORTED THIS PROJECT RECENTLY.  A big update fixing the main things keeping this is beta will hopefully be done soon. I will probably push a few smaller updates in the meantime though so you guys can see I am working on the tweak.

Happy Jailbreaking, and feel free to contact me with any questions and/or feature requests.


V1.0.0beta35 Changed from an internal build of IconState to IconAnus by Ichitaso (for saving layouts after safe mode or reboots. It's free in the Packix Repo and should install automatically when you update. Also some under the hood work on layouts. Will have some bug fixes soon. Sorry for the delay.  

Fixed the UI bug in App Library again from beta 30 involving the resize mini-grid option. Also re-enabled the dock icon scale that was mistakenly disabled in last night's update. (When I made beta31, I accidentally added the new feature to an older beta version's code and didn't notice. I'm sorry!)

Also added new feature- disable App Library.  Fixed (for real this time) the App Library background color showing by default. The button to enable a background color in App Library (finally) works for turning it on and off, and it's off by default. (Once on, it requires a respring to turn off, but before lowering the alpha of the color was the only way to turn it off and only show the App Library custom image.) Added translations for the disable App Library feature in Spanish; the only translation left in spanish is the new feature added in last night's update.

V1.0.0beta31 Added a new feature to use a custom full page image behind open folders. (Behind the blur or custom image background).  Looks great with "iOS 9 folder look" and the "No background effects / blur" enabled.  Also makes a cool homescreen wallpaper replacement for open folders when you reduce opacity to zero.  *Respring required to take affect. (New option not translated into Spanish yet).

V1.0.0beta30 Fixed a UI bug in the App Library that happened when resize icon feature was used. That feature now works normally without affecting the minigrids in the App Library.  Also updated the localizations in Spanish and should be pretty much 100% traducida en español ahora.

Changed default value for App Library background color enabled to off. (Like it should have originally been)- solves issue for users wondering why they didn't see custom image in App Library. Fixed icon scale dock option (it was turned off before since it caused a crash- now it's fixed and working.) One user reported a crash from the icon scale everywhere option on her iOS version- this was dock related and is fixed in this update.

 I still have a lot of work planned with improvements and new features, this is just a small update solving a few minor issues. Homescreen layouts may look a little better with widgets as well as I included some of the code I'm re-writing for homescreen layouts, but the App Library is still affected when HS columns is greater then 4. Will hopefully fix this soon once my re-written section is completed.

 Fixed some stuff, added new stuff, kind of messed up other stuff... Added entire screen preset folder size- works great. Title just needs a little work with that option. Added icon opacity slider instead of just "clear icons" button.  It needs a little work with light and dark mode, but at zero it's still clear, and it's halfway working at other levels.  Icon coloring is kind of weird tho, one minute it's there, next page you scroll to it's gone. Rotating screen though makes it re-colored.  Will keep working on this.  FIXED LEFT SIDEBAR WITH CUSTOM HOMESCREEN LAYOUTS. Now layouts with 5, 6 columns etc are looking a lot better with the left sidebar, and it's custom image. (Before adding extra columns messed it up) App library still gets a little messed up when using different homescreen layouts, but it's getting better, and hopefully will be separated completely from custom layout options and given it's own custom options soon.  Overalll making good progress. 

V1.0.0beta21- Added ability to use a custom image from your camera roll as an icon background for folders. Can be the same as open folders or separate. (To turn on go to closed folders page.) Fixed icon opacity(zero is totally clear, higher values show stock blur at custom alpha), and it works instantly with images as well.  Fixed coloring of icons so it's applied universally without issue, and appears in the App Library.  *Folder icon borders cut off badges a little bit with this update, will fix that soon. The custom icon image looks great w/o a border, and you can hide badges with a million tweaks including Stylish11. Changed the compression of background images to use less memory. Also made code optimizations for memory management.  Lots more work and fixes coming soon!




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