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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

FolderControllerXIII - 1.0.0b-32

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This is a work in progress beta of FolderControllerXII’s update for iOS 13. It’s been a long road to get this far, as nearly everything has changed since iOS 11+12.

The finished tweak will be $1.99, but half price for anyone that bought FolderControllerXII, or bought this beta package. All iOS 13 updates from here on out will be free after purchasing this package. I feel bad charging, but the tweak literally had to be re-written from the ground up, and it took a year to write it the first time.  I’ve spent countless hours researching and working on this tweak since the day iOS 13’s jailbreak dropped, and I won’t rest until it is bug free and better then FolderControllerXII.

Some new features in this release include an image picker to add custom images inside folders, custom layout of dock for number of icons allowed (compatible with FloatyDock), and an alpha slider for the custom image so you can add gradients or a solid colored view on top of the image acting as a custom filter. Like the previous version, this tweak has custom layout of number of rows and columns in folders, 3 folder sizes to choose from, custom inset tweaking to get the icons just where you want them, and lots of small features you never knew you needed until you get used to using them.

Known bugs: full page folder doesn’t rotate correctly, and in landscape mode exceeds the bounds of the screen. The full width folder does NOT have this issue. Some themes with Folder masks are not working correctly since the latest update of Snowboard, will fix that soon hopefully. Most themes work fine, though.

Partial Conflicts: HomePlus and Boxy cause the custom layouts to not work correctly.

Features planned but not implemented yet include custom homescreen layouts, custom icon images, fully custom mini-grids(they are semi custom now based on layout and insets picked), and more. This package will be regularly updated until it is finished, focusing on both bug squishing and adding new features.

You can do a lot with this tweak with very few bugs if you try out the settings until you find what works for you.  

Translations are partially included, Spanish, Italian and Mandarin are fully translated, Arabic and German are almost done, and there's some support for Turkish and Russian as well.  More work will be done to update translations as well.

This tweak just keeps getting better every update. Look out for custom icons and other neat features in the near future.

NOTE: If you are still on iOS 11-12.4.4, I haven't forgotten you, and your updates will be free as long as you are on those iOS versions.  Be on the lookup for a sweet update of FolderControllerXII if you are still on 11 of 12 and bought that package. It’s live in Packix and YouRepo.


V1.0.0b-32 Fixed annoying clipping issue for gradients on regular sized folders, as well as custom images. Those features work perfectly with all folder sizes now. Added option to skip folder opening animation as well as options to customize it, or keep it how it normally is.  (Those options are on the corner radius settings page). Various other bug fixes. Added option to hide badges from folder icons, but show them still inside open folders.

V1.0.0b-23 Now there is complete control of insets, to fit icons wherever you want inside a folder with an image, or regular background. Added extra slider so there's right side, left side, top and bottom each go from zero to 250. Still working on grids and adding custom icon images, but wanted to get this version up in the meantime as it's what I'm using. Arabic translation is updated, going to need to change all of the inset strings, but it's easy enough to understand. The further right the slider the bigger the inset. Icons will rescale smaller if you make it insanely big in a small folder. I use it for full page portrait on a device I don't rotate much, and full width on my device I like using AutoRotate with on iOS 13.  Big things coming soon. This is a little rushed since I want to finish updating iOS 11-12 version for people still on it.

Gave up to 25% more control of insets in folders, to help space icons further or closer together. Arabic and Italian are pretty much translated now as well as German, justification t need some small corrections/ missed strings.  Folder's and grids are looking really nice with the inset control. I'm loving 5x5 at the moment on iPhone 7+, with full width folders.  

Added custom inset tweaking for open folders. Have top, bottom and side insets. Going to change side to left/right, and separate Portrait and Landscape next update.

V1.0.0b-15 Added most Mandarin localizations, fixed some more Italian strings for nearly complete Italian translation.  Updated credits showing new translators, and crediting Muirey03 for making libimagepicker. (Used for selectioimg custom images inside open folders, and soon for making custom icons.

V1.0.0b-13 Changed max rows and columns in folders to 12. Now you can have up to 144 icons per page inside a folder. Since icons resize if they don’t fit you don’t need an iPad to hold crazy high number of icons.  Experiment with number of rows and columns to get the mini-grid you like best. Usually odd column numbers will make it 3 columns in minigrid and stay in bounds, but other combos can look good too until I figure out custom minigrids implemented.

V1.0.0b-10 More translations for Spanish custom layout page, new translations for Italiano by @grisu1970 Also added a column so max columns and rows are both 8.

V1.0.0b-9 Almost completely finished Spanish translations. Actualización para mejorar las traducciones en español.