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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

IconSlide - 0.0.2-1

3.83/5 (198 votes).

Super light-weight Boxy alternative compatible with custom layout option in FolderControllerXII. Purposely set to only work in portrait, so when you rotate, it returns to normal layout to avoid bugs. Basically you set the first slider as far down as you like, and then to adjust insets you can remove dock, or adjust it’s height to whatever value you wish.

Work in Progress beta. Pretty bug free now, but only made for portrait layout. Will be adding more options and possibly a custom layout in the future.

Compatible iOS 10.0-12.1.2, all iPhones including A12.

 (Last screenshot is just showing the custom layout of FolderController working along with this tweak.)


V0.0.2-1 Updated for A12 devices. First compiled tweak from my new MacBook. :) Should still work on older devices too, tested on my regular X on 11.4, and min firmware version is actually iOS 9.

V0.0.1-8 Realized it was freezing settings from repo because repo changes package name. This should fix settings not opening for all pre-A12 devices. Sorry hadn’t used CepheiPrefs’s banner in long time forgot about that. It worked on my phone since package name was correct. Crossing fingers but this should fix what I broke in 1-6.


Hopefully fixed slow loading of settings on older devices.


Added check for if device is in portrait or landscape, and changed values to original if in landscape to avoid bugs on rotation. Added CepheiPrefs as a dependency for “prettier” settings and a share button. Fixed dock enabled button which was accidentally always on before.


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