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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

LockscreenSuite - 1.0.4-9

3.86/5 (352 votes).

Options to have custom unlock text or hide it (type a space in custom field to hide), hide or always show lockscreen media player, change colors of dateview, time, passcode entry screen, media player text. Options to hide dateview, hide time in status bar, and a few other features.  First tweak I made with multiple options, and compatibility with lots of iOS versions. Primarily targeting iOS 9-12, but many features work on iOS 7+8.  This tweak was one of the I ever made, but has been updated several times to make work on more iOS versions.  Never released it because I still plan on adding more features.

Updated most features for iOS 12 and A12 now except a couple. Sorry A12 I forgot you in the last update.


V1.0.4-9 Added A12 compatibility and made the custom  “swipe up to unlock” text on bottom of lockscreen work on iPhone X, Xr, XsMax etc. 

V1.0.4-8 Fixed random colored lockscreen text, and black colored LS text not working on iOS 12. Also marked a feature that I need to update for iOS 12 still. Tweak should still work for all devices iOS 7-12, features not working on some versions are marked accordingly.