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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

ModernBarz - 1.0.8-7

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3.92/5 (287 votes).

Awesome tweak to customize the statusbar of all iPhone X’s (including A12), and regular phones tweaked to look or function like X’s. It’s system wide, can color 3 different battery image elements, as well as WiFi, signal strength, text color (time and battery percent), add a translucent or solid colored background, and now you can color all the extra status bar item other components together. Options to add custom colored shadows and blurs to images as well.

Also option to hide each item or make it blend in by using the alpha option added to the colorpicker in latest version, which can be used to safely hide the entire Status Bar.  New features also include coloring or hiding the annoying colored view that comes up when screen recording, adding a fake carrier speed up to 7GE or as low as 2G, and replacing carrier WiFi text in Status Bar with custom text.

Other features include system wide breadcrumb removal, an option to alternate the date and time about every 6 seconds, and a scrolling, animated custom text view on lockscreen that auto-sizes the text to a size that best fits.

ModernBarz works on SpringBoard (Home and Lockscreen, Control Center, Spotlight, etc) and all apps system wide.

Works on all X devices iOS 11.0-12.4 including A12.

Works on non-X devices with the following tweaks that give the X status bar:

NotchStatusBar for iOS 11 (BigBoss)

StatusBarXS for iOS 12 (

Control center custom text is only feature that doesn’t work if using a non-X device tweaked to look like an X. It’s probably compatible with other tweaks that give full iPhone X features to non-X devices; I only tested ones exclusive to StatusBar though.

If not satisfied, a full refund will be given if contacted within 7 days of purchase.

If you downloaded while still in beta for free and don’t wa t to purchase, you are welcome to keep the previous / free version. It is stable. Just hit “ignore upgrades” in Cydia.

First two Homescreen pictures taken by @SilzeeJailbreak


V1.0.8-7 Changed header banner in settings from a CepheiPrefs generated one to a fixed image to make it display correctly on A12 devices.  Still working on new features and improvements of some existing ones, but wanted to make this change available now at least.

V1.0.8-1 Fixed breadcrumbs showing up as custom text, so now if desired they show what they are supposed to. Added an “Alternate date and time” feature to have the date and time animate in and out about every 6 seconds, more work on coloring and hiding the Activity View. Set custom text auto-scaling on, so it makes font size as big or small as possible to fit in the view.  Changed date to full date (including year) since that is auto re-sized as well , and fits without truncating. Under the hood cleanup and optimizations for battery and memory useage.

V1.0.7-8 Added Breadcrumb removal as an option to eliminate the need to have a separate tweak for it. I hate breadcrumbs. Since it’s technically part of the status bar figured it made sense to include it.  This option works instantly without needing a respring, like most other options.

V1.0.7-6 Added a fake carrier speed option, ranging from 2G to 7GE, with normal as an option still of course. Fixed small bug where custom text sometimes showed up where cellular speed was. Also made  some under the hood improvements / optimizations.

V1.0.7-2 Fixed Reset to Defaults button so it actually does something. I accidentally had an old domain name from earlier version of tweak instead of the correct prefs files name if you want to restore to all settings at default. 🤗 (The Enable button turned off with a respring basically would have done the job anyways, but now the button should function correctly.) Just noticed that.

V1.0.7-1 Added About page including Tech Support for easy in-tweak emails that send your settings and package list to help diagnose any potential problem packages. Added more blurring and shadow options, including “Super-shadows” that highlights all the status bar images to the color and intensity you desire. The previous shadow option is still available as well.  Added package banner with version number, custom made for YouRepo repo. New images coming soon for depiction.

V1.0.6 Added Wifi-text replacement option, that shows up in Control Center system wide, lockscreen and homescreen. Fixed issue where hitting enter when entering custom text made the reset to defaults pop up appear. (Glad there was an “are you sure” option b4, but that’s now no longer a possible issue.)  Under the hood optimizations, and smaller file size.

V1.0.5-5 Added a “Hide location item” option that safely hides the annoying location indicator and can truncate the custom text. Respring only needed for homescreen. In apps updates immediately just like most other features.

Also, in case the package description didn’t update, to avoid confusion, this package has been made a paid package. Version 1.0.4 is stable and safe if you don’t wish to purchase, you are welcome to keep that version. I do plan on continuing to update though adding cool new features, and eventually releasing with Packix. This repo version will always have the up-to-date version though so once released in Packix, there won’t be a need to buy from there if you already bought through YouRepo.

V1.0.5-2 Added custom shadow color and slider for strength of shadow and associated blur.  Added custom text option, that alternates with the time, or if both custom text and hide time are enabled, it shows the date instead of time along with custom text, switching every 6 seconds.  Added single button to hide whole status bar, still many more options coming. Since there’ve been sales I wanted the most current/ stable version I’m using to be in the repo.  

V1.0.4 Incorporated the alpha slider for each color, so it can be used to color different elements, or hide them completely if set at zero. Also added coloring and hiding options for the background Activity View that comes up when doing screen recordings, using maps, etc.  Made that option so you’ll be able to see the time replacement animations I’m still working on. (I was so close today, but had to take a break.)

V1.0.3 Added a switch and new picker to enable coloring all elements not already colored individually. Basically it’s a single color for VPN, rotation lock, alarms, location and any other images in status bar, so it can be fully colored now.  Will separate more components later, this was just a simple solution for in the meantime.  Last update for tonight I swear lol. 

V1.0.2 Switched from user defaults to Cephei for settings handling, which is safer and just as efficient. Also fixed that little bug that caused it to not show in some apps/ most apps- it is now SYSTEM WIDE! Works on all apps I’ve tested on.

V1.0.1 Added background color option to status bar, with alpha slider. When this option is enabled X style status bars are also made translucent. Note: the background color also shows in CC, which will be removed or made as an option in future update. The background color is off by default.