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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

ModernBarz - 1.0.4

4.00/5 (107 votes).

Awesome tweak to customize the statusbar of iPhone X’s system wide, color 3 different battery elements, as well as WiFi, signal strength, text color (time and battery percent), add a translucent background color, or a solid colored background, and now you can color all the other  components together. Also option to hide each item or make it blend in by using the alpha option added to the colorpicker in latest version.  New features also include coloring or hiding the annoying colored view that comes up when screen recording. (Working on adding a neat animation there that it hides when recording lol.)

Still a work in progress, but it works on SpringBoard (Home and Lockscreens+ Control Center) and all apps system wide.

Should work on all X devices iOS 11.0-12.4 including A12.

Only personally tested on iPhoneX 12.4

First two Homescreen pictures taken by @SilzeeJailbreak


V1.0.4 Incorporated the alpha slider for each color, so it can be used to color different elements, or hide them completely if set at zero. Also added coloring and hiding options for the background Activity View that comes up when doing screen recordings, using maps, etc.  Made that option so you’ll be able to see the time replacement animations I’m still working on. (I was so close today, but had to take a break.)

V1.0.3 Added a switch and new picker to enable coloring all elements not already colored individually. Basically it’s a single color for VPN, rotation lock, alarms, location and any other images in status bar, so it can be fully colored now.  Will separate more components later, this was just a simple solution for in the meantime.  Last update for tonight I swear lol. 

V1.0.2 Switched from user defaults to Cephei for settings handling, which is safer and just as efficient. Also fixed that little bug that caused it to not show in some apps/ most apps- it is now SYSTEM WIDE! Works on all apps I’ve tested on.

V1.0.1 Added background color option to status bar, with alpha slider. When this option is enabled X style status bars are also made translucent. Note: the background color also shows in CC, which will be removed or made as an option in future update. The background color is off by default.


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