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Tweaks in beta/ pre-release as well as ones only found here. Other tweaks can be found in BigBoss repo.

SneakPeak - 0.0.2-3

3.82/5 (179 votes).

Sneak a peak of your homescreen from the Lockscreen by tapping or swiping up from the the bottom, or peak on a video playing in the background, check the last used app, endless options to sneak a peak of your open device from the Lockscreen. Works on all iPhones including A12 from iOS 11.-13.3.x

Very smooth experience for me on iOS 11.3.1 iPhone 8+, 12.4 iPhone X and XR, and iPhone 7+ on 13.2.3....Should work on iPad too I just haven’t tried it yet.  Perfect tweak for sneaking a quick peak and even interacting with homescreen from partially opened/ unlocked Lockscreen.


V0.02-3 Fixed a few iPhoneX specific conditionals that accidentally always hid the flashlight and X bar. Now they are only hidden when enabled, as would be expected. Sorry for the small bug. I normally test a little more thoroughly before uploading, and I only tested that it hid them, forgot to make sure they re-appear when not enabled.

V0.0.2-2 Added more iPhone X type things to hide on Lockscreen, including camera and flashlight buttons, and the X bar that swipes up and down.  The bar is hidden on homescreen and from apps as well. Added iOS 11 compatibility.

V0.0.2-1 Fixed notificaciones on iOS 13. Added iPhone X lock and page dots as things to hide. Added an icon for the tweak’s settings. Added show time in status bar for Non-X devices. (Beta feature) 

Overall a cleaner look and feel for iOS 13 and iPhone X especially but also for other devices and firmwares.

Many improvements and new features on the way still. 


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