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StatusBarBGs - 1.0.1

4.00/5 (54 votes).

This was a tweak request by a user, that I figured others might enjoy as well. This package lets you set a system wide background color of any opacity, and choose the color of all the text and images (one color for all). The battery fill color is the only thing not fully changed in the status bar, but when not charging and in normal mode it colors the battery fully as well. These features are in ModernBarz already, but the images are colored separately in that tweak, and it can do a LOT more. However sometimes there's beauty in simplicity, and I was told this works better with Status Bar Theme Extensions, so if so, have fun theming! 

I've only tested this on iOS 13 and 12 so far, but it should work on all devices iOS 11-13.x

If you like this tweak but want more options, ModernBarz works great on iOS 13 for all devices. If you decide to try it from Packix, FolderControllerXIII is 20% off.


V1.0.1 Optimizations for less CPU useage, battery drain and unwanted injection into processes besides apps and SpringBoard.


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